Bass Guitar Lessons in Sydney

If you want to learn guitar in 2024, here’s a better idea – learn the bass instead! Bass guitar lessons in Sydney are starting now.

When it comes to playing a stringed instrument, most people think of the guitar. Bass is only an afterthought. I was the same. I’d played guitar for a few years but when a friend’s band asked me to fill in on bass, I found out the bass is surprisingly fun to play. Those four fat strings make a powerful sound and because you’re in a supporting role, you can sit back and get into the groove.

Since then I’ve taught many bass students, and built up a collection of great bass songs. For new students, the good news is that even beginners can start playing songs straight away. You can play along with the original recordings and slot right in with the band. Or thanks to a recorded YouTube drummer plus myself on the guitar, we can form an ‘instant band’ during your lesson.

Among those studying with me right now are a 10 year old girl entering her third year of playing, a 17 year old boy seeking relief from his HSC, and a 50 year old who plays classic rock from the 70s and 80s. In the past I had one girl who learned guitar for four years, then changed to bass and learned that for another five.

In short, bass guitar is an awesome instrument and very fun to play. Get ready to be surprised by the new world of bass guitar.

I teach bass guitar lessons in Sydney in the eastern suburbs, and for those further away, lessons can be done online using zoom.

Have a listen to some of these great bass songs in the video below.