Five Easy Bass Songs That Should be Better Known

Easy and underrated bass songs

I sometimes feel that bass is even more fun to play than guitar, so it’s always good when a new student comes in for bass lessons. I wanted to pick some easy bass songs, but not the obvious ones. The ones listed here are underrated and should be better known, but they’re not hard to play.

So, here are five underrated bass songs that I teach people in their first year of learning.

  1. Sure Know Something – Kiss

Bass takes centre stage on this hit song from the 1970s.

2. I’ve Seen that Face Before – Grace Jones

I also like Grace Jones’ song ‘Slave to the Rhythm,’ but on ‘I’ve Seen That Face Before’ the bass line really stands out. It’s easy to play too.

3. House of Fun – Madness

OK, this is not really an easy song, but it does qualify as underrated. This hyperactive bass line will give all four fingers on your left hand a good workout.

4. I Wonder – Rodriguez

This is a simple four chord guitar song, but the movable bass drives it forward.

5. Dance Little Rude Boy – Ian Dury

A fairly simple bass line gives this song a great groove.

I teach all these songs during my bass lessons in the eastern suburbs of Sydney, and also online for people who live further away. If you want to learn to play them and other songs, give me a call.