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Let me tell you about Peta, my best bass guitar student. It’s not that she’s a virtuoso or wants to make it to the top in music. No, she’s happy in her day job. Peta’s the best because in her lessons, we get to jam on a different artist every week for fun.

Every week, we have a feature artist and we play five or six songs by them. Peta never knows who it’s going to be. It’s pretty random, so it might be the Beatles one week and Black Sabbath the next. Maybe Radiohead or Red Hot Chilli Peppers after that. Or even the latest hit with fifty-million views on YouTube . That’s the good thing about Peta; she has what they call ‘eclectic tastes.’ She’s broad minded, in other words, and likes all different styles. Hey, it’s all music. It’s all part of the weird and wonderful range of styles you can get out of those same twelve notes. bass lessons in sydney

Peta’s been learning bass for about five years now. She started with guitar lessons even earlier. I’ve been a guitar teacher in the eastern suburbs for a long time now, but in some ways bass is more fun, so it’s great that Peta changed over.

When I think back over the long list of bands and artists we’ve covered, it’s quite a trip. Just this year, we’ve done The Smiths, Megadeth, the Police, Katie Melua, and Blink 182. Actually, that was just since April! Last week it was a new band called Baby Metal, which is these three Japanese schoolgirls fronting a heavy metal group. Weird but interesting.
Sometimes we do a style special like soul or hip hop. It might last over two or three weeks. Like when we did funk. That’s a great style for bass lessons. So is disco. Don’t knock it – plenty of good bass lines in disco! Not to mention jazz, of course. I’m mainly a rock guitarist, but due to circumstances of the time, the first band I played in was as a jazz bassist. The bass lines in jazz really move around. playing bass guitar in sydney

Thanks to Peta, I’ve now built up a huge repertoire of bass music over the last five years. She’s blazed a trail for others to follow. So if there any other aspiring bass players out there, I’ve got plenty of songs for you. And if you’re interested in playing in bands, bass is a good way into that. That’s because there’s a lot more guitarists out there and not enough bass players to make them look good!

Testimonial for Duncan Smith Bass Lessons:

I have learned guitar and bass guitar with Duncan for a few years now and recommend him to anyone wishing to start. He is a patient and very skilled teacher and will adapt to each student’s pace.Duncan Smith testimonials for guitar lessons You can learn a range of styles from rock to classical, so there’s something for everyone.

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